Fake It ‘Til You Make It

Jim:    You’re right on time, as usual.  Of course.  How could you not be, as it is always right now.  Welcome to our adventure.  Welcome to Fishing Without Bait and full-impact mindfulness.  There are no entrance exams or letters of reference – other than referencing yourself.  There are no tests, no comparisons with others.  And, the only homework is to challenge yourself.  If you’re finding life particularly heavy going, feeling loaded down, and if you’re restless, irritable, and discontent, perhaps you have the lenses in your glasses reversed and can only see negativity or are living your life on wishes and hopes.  You found a place where synergy and synchronicity are combined and where we actually show you how to make magic.  Abracadabra.  Creating what you speak.  Not necessarily material things, however intangibles no currency can purchase.  Let us help you help yourself to fully participate in your life.  Let’s use the power of your mind and its energy to learn to think not from our thoughts but rather at them and become a butterfly emerging from the chrysalis.  Think back to Dorothy when she landed in Oz and opened a door to a world of color.  Come with us.  Detach.  Untangle.  Identify and describe, and live a life without definitive expectations.  Explode into our world of full-impact mindfulness.  Open the door to your authentic self and let the adventure begin.  So, Mike, when we last spoke we began to again explore the subject of authentic self.  One of the topics we often discuss here on our podcast is being disconnected, do we not?

Mike:    Constant reminder.  Yes.

Jim:    And, for those who may be interested, you may want to refer back to a previous podcast on connecting the dots.  Mike, there are so many self-help books out there.  And, people, places and things that know how to fix you.  However, those of us who are familiar with our philosophy – and that is allow us to help you help yourself.  And, you may want to refer back to one of our most favorite stories about buying the ticket. So two things that I often hear, Mike – and sometimes at 12-step meetings is be positive and fake it ‘til you make it.  And, as we tend to look at life from another perspective we prefer to help people understand they have a choice.  And, for a refresher, you can review almost any of our previous podcasts and understand that the power of choice is the greatest power you possess.  So, now let’s address fake it ‘til you make it.  One of the bedrocks or foundations of any recovery – and remember, we are all in recovery from something, is honesty.  Mike, how can we ask anyone to fake it?  

Mike:    Yeah.  It is kind of weird because it’s kind of – when we’re preaching this honesty – it’s not what you expect to hear.  

Jim:    And faking it is disconnecting from your authentic self, is it not?

Mike:    Absolutely.

Jim:    It goes against everything we profess, everything we stand on.  Mike, can you fake your way out of a heartache?  Depression?  Anxiety?  Addiction?  Or relationship issues, to name a few?

Mike:    It’s still there underneath everything.

Jim:    And, isn’t that disconnecting from your authentic self?

Mike:    Absolutely.

Jim:    And, I often hear people attempting to connect with their higher self.  Mike, your higher self is your authentic self.  The other voices are masks, facades – the imposter, the dysregulated self.  And, I could go on an on.  In our last podcast we talked about delusions versus illusions.  And, to connect with anything other than your authentic self we are fooling ourselves.  We referred to in our last podcast as illusions are sleight of hand.  Delusions are sleight of mind.  We’re not looking to help people find themselves.  We’re attempting to help people create themselves.  Mike, and again this involves choices.  And, if there’s nothing else that people take away from our podcasts other than the ringing sound of my voice is that they have a choice.  So, alright Jim – more words.  Give me some substance.  Let’s go back to a previous podcast where we spoke about being popped in.  Do you remember that, Mike?

Mike:    Yeah.  I remember that.  It was really just kind of that smack to the face to get right into reality.

Jim:    Indeed.  Being popped in, Mike, is being right here and being right now.  It’s having that epiphany – that moment of clarity.  And, for most of us it can be a frightening experience as it’s a moment we don’t experience often.  And, that dysregulated self – that imposter drags us back inside the fake it ‘til you make it world.  So, how do we get there?  Well, let’s go back to a previous podcast on how monkeys are caught.  It’s one of our favorite topics.  Mike, do you remember that?  Could you go over that briefly?

Mike:    Yes.  The monkey, if it sees something shiny or a banana in there and that is too big for the hole it reached into and now it’s trapped.

Jim:    It’s trapped.  Its hand goes into the cage, grasps that item and it can’t release itself. It can’t be freed.  So, the first thing we do is evaluate.  Label and identify the rocks and shiny things that we are holding onto that are keeping us inside the cage.  And, as soon as we are able to drop the rock as we referred to back in a previous podcast we can begin to choose – there’s that word again – choose to be free.  We previously went over the checking in, and when you’re feeling the tingle – when you feel that tingle, when you’re checking in.  We did a podcast on finding out if you’re alive.  You know that you’re right here and right now.  So, Mike, we often speak frequently of one of our most primal emotions – and that is?

Mike:    Of course, fear.

Jim:    Yes.  Fear.  And, we speak of it often.  

Mike:    On the other side of fear.

Jim:    On the other side of fear, sure.  And, keeping in mind that these are challenge podcasts we’re challenging everyone out there to have the ability to choose and be brave enough to go down the rabbit hole.  Again, another reference to an earlier podcast from Alice in Wonderland.  Certainly one of our favorite places.  We are dysregulated, disconnected – and that keeps our inner child from releasing.  Mike, we’ve often spoke of the difference between an expert’s mind and a beginner’s mind.  Could you refresh my memory on that?

Mike:    Right.  The expert’s mind is closed to new experiences.  It thinks that it’s the end-all-be-all and can’t absorb anything else whereas the beginner’s mind is ready for new experiences and learning.

Jim:    The beginner’s mind is the essence of Fishing Without Bait.  And, again it is not wandering through life aimlessly.  It’s having that honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness to try – that open beginner’s mind, open to the wonder and joy of existence.  And, we often use that beginner’s mind in reference to a child.  And, a child has a memory connection to the divine and the creator. However, if you truly believe that there was nothing before, nothing now, and nothing after – please continue to listen.  And, laugh at us if you care to, until you can’t.  

Mike:    Perhaps for those this is more of a comedy podcast.

Jim:    I hope so.  I hope we’re entertaining, at least if we don’t inform – I hope we can entertain.  As we continue to explore this topic I challenge everyone out there to be like the admonishment before crossing a train track, and that admonishment is?

Mike:    Stop.  Look.  And, listen.

Jim:    Stop.  Look. And, listen.  We’ll continue to explore that connection, and we challenge everyone out there to avoid being run over by that train of life.  And, if yours is off the rails, stick around and we’ll help you Fish Without Bait.  Until then, do a kindness for yourself and a kindness for another.  Give a smile.  Take a smile.  Look in the mirror and laugh out loud.  Or, if you care to, laugh at us.  We’re so grateful you’re in our lives.  Namaste.