Ode to Self-Love



today i slept in until 9 and tried my best not to feel guilty about it/i had lots of coffee and cookie dough ice cream and resisted the urge to pull out the scale/and i thought maybe this is it/maybe this is self-love

like taking a nap three hours after i wake up is an affirmation that i am still a decent human being/but that would imply that i am decent/that is false/gorging on ice cream in your underwear at noon on a tuesday is indecent/i set myself a precedent that drinking alone at 3pm is treating yourself

and you know/sometimes that’s okay/as long as i keep pushing/as long as i spend most of my days doing what really makes me happy

ice cream is not happiness/vodka is not happiness/vodka ice cream is a horrible idea and definitely not happiness

if i go to bed hungover bloated and hating myself it is not happiness/and it is destroying my body and my mind/how can i keep skating by/self-medication is not self-love

but what is self-love/it is working toward not feeling guilty/but also not destroying yourself/self-love is self-care/it is taking a shower and not drinking at dinner/it is working on relationships/on your future/on the little things and the big things that you daydream about while you’re sitting on the bus

self-love is work/and sometimes/a lot of the time/i don’t know where to start/or to end/like a painting with no under drawing/i am that messy canvas and maybe/maybe one day i’ll be proud of myself enough to finish that painting


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