Dancing With Ourself

Jim:    Oh wow.  You startled me.  I wasn’t expecting anyone.  However, I’m glad you’re here.  Sometimes it’s frightening being alone.  Not knowing where to go or what to do.  Let’s try to find our way out of here.  If you’ve ever felt that way in your life – if you’re looking for a roadmap, a guide for your life – listen on.  This is a podcast for individuals who have an interest in participating in their life.  In this laboratory we create ourselves rather than find ourselves.  Where we combine the ingredients of serendipity and synchronicity with the result of making 3 out of 1+1.  If you want to create a life, create a reaction rather than wait for one – buy the ticket.  But, use fear.  Confront it, and use it as our vehicle to expect the unexpected.  My friend, these are challenge podcasts.  I’m daring you – double-dog daring you to look for the white rabbits.  To have an open mind.  Develop conscious choice about which rabbit to follow and which hole to go down.  If you desire a life without definitive expectations of yourselves or others and want to immerse yourself in your existence, let me show you full-impact mindfulness.  Follow the sound of my voice.  Go for the light.  And, I’ll teach you how to Fish Without Bait.  Turn on the afterburners.  Jettison the nonsense that is dragging you down.  Aim, and blast off.  Today, as always, I’m joined by my good friend, co-host and producer of this program, Mr. Mike.  Mike, again, we’ve been exploring a lot of topics.  Combing full-impact mindfulness with our basic premises of Fishing Without Bait.  I’m not sure whether you’ve been asked about full-impact mindfulness or not.  You’re at home in the pro-wrestling world, and in that world – and in that environment, what does full-impact mean?

Mike:    Man, full-impact in the pro-wrestling world really means like full-on, full-contact, full-impression on the crowd in that environment.

Jim:    Sure.  So, in this venue we’re using that concept of fully immersing yourself to really feel alive and experience the exquisite joy of being.  Mike, can you dance?

Mike:    I like to think that I can.

Jim:    Have you ever been to a dance?

Mike:    Of course.  

Jim:    Mm-hmm.  When you were younger, did you ever hesitate about asking someone – either to accompany you to a dance, or ask someone to dance when you were at an event?

Mike:    Certainly.  And, been shot down several times.  

Jim:    It can certainly be an awkward experience.  How’d it feel to be turned down, Mike?

Mike:    Oh, just like the bottom has fallen out of your stomach and your world.

Jim:    Mike, in your own mind, what or who would be the perfect dance partner?

Mike:    Someone you’re in sync with.

Jim:    Someone you’re in sync with.  Well, I’m here to suggest that that perfect dance partner is yourself.  So, when you think of dancing with yourself, what do you take that to mean?  And, I don’t mean the old Billy Idol song.

Mike:    To me, that’s me doing one of these little moves – myself in the kitchen when I’m doing dishes.

Jim:    Isn’t that fun.  So, Mike, what’s a dance?  A dance has many different genres, different steps, different music.  Some freeform.  Some very structured.  What I’m talking about is a step away from traditional mindfulness.  And, discussing our dancing with purposeful fantasy and daydreaming.  I’d like you to get acquainted with a Yale psychologist, Jerome Singer.  And, in 1975 he published the Inner World of Daydreaming.  He entailed a triad of dance steps in daydreaming.  He called positive constructive daydreaming – which was where you weren’t stepping on your own toes, weren’t fighting with yourself and can drive creativity and imagination that’s inside you.  So, if we could, Mike – referring back to positive constructive daydreaming – let’s refer our friends and our listeners back to our lucid dreaming podcast where we’re talking about actually learning how to lucid dream. There’s also what he called guilty dysphoric daydreaming, which had punishing fantasies of failure – obsessive and compulsive thoughts.  Particularly dealing with trauma and what he called poor attention control, such as people who have difficulty concentrating.  So, Mike, when someone tells you that oh that person has their head in the clouds what do you make of that?

Mike:    They’re not with it.  They’re head is somewhere else.

Jim:    Sure.  They’re not in reality.  They’re not participating in their life.  And, also, when you think of somebody having attention deficit disorder, what comes to your mind there?

Mike:    Again, somebody that can’t pay attention – that’s always looking around, not being able to focus.

Jim:    Sure.  Now there are either organic or neuropathways that prevent us from being right here and right now. In our realm, what we’re talking about today is dancing with yourself, Mike.  I’m referring to wakeful calmness, impactful rejuvenation.  And, Mike, this is where our concept of Fishing Without Bait -incorporating full-impact mindfulness – these two can be our tour guide, activity director, and our personal chef.  What we want to do is avoid mental indigestion which is  a topic for another day.  What I’m talking about is using full-impact mindfulness which doesn’t necessarily mean engaging in the material or the tangible.  It can be joyous daydreaming – eliciting vivid imagery in your mind – used for creating scenarios, framing and developing curiosity.  Sometimes we’re just not naturally curious, Mike.  It’s also a method by which we take our mind and take it from a break from the rigors and the exhausting attention to detail that we insist on giving every aspect of our lives.  So, when I talk about dancing I’m talking about relieving yourself from the boredom rehearsing opportunities and constructing positive beneficial planning and of course a source of pleasure.  And, Mike, you cannot separate Fishing Without Bait, Full-Impact mindfulness and the essential ingredient which is conscious choice.  The conscious choice is used to detach yourself from the rigors – the tentacles of life – to enter the streams of thought that go through your head and be the observer.  Again, Mike, it’s choice.  Where fantasy and daydreaming – which I prefer to describe as a wonderful freeing expression of yourself through dancing in your mind – is distinct and different from those who use it as a defense mechanism to escape life or simply be unaware and not pay attention – and unable to learn.  With full-impact mindfulness what we are talking about is avoiding having your mind wander without permission.  This is where we take an active choice to disengage from our current tasks – the activities, the “have tos,” the “need tos,” and the “musts” in the external world.  With full-impact mindfulness what we’re talking about is avoiding having your mind wonder without permission.  Where we take an active choice to disengage from our current tasks.  The “have tos,” the “need tos,” and the external world.  And focus on the dance that only you know the steps to.  With full-impact mindfulness and Fishing Without Bait, coupled with the glue of conscious choice we’re going to learn how to jump, switch, disengage, and engage back and forth between internal and external tasks where we can turn our attention and be able to label and describe with creativity the dance steps – the music that goes inside your head.  Mike, have you ever tried to read a paragraph or study some type of manuscript or a technical instruction manual for technological advice?

Mike:    Oh yeah.  Certainly.

Jim:    Have you ever had to read it over, and over, and over again until you just rub your eyes?

Mike:    Yep.

Jim:    Wouldn’t it be nice to just get up and dance?  And, if you’re not able to physically get up and dance, this is where we can fully impact our lives by choosing, choosing Mike, to disengage.  Choosing to have some free-form mental gymnastics inside our head.  And, remember this is done by choice.  As we continue to develop full-impact mindfulness, Fishing Without Bait and conscious choice we find more and more the venues where it’s applicable.  Mike, this concept is limitless in form and application.  We’ve barely touched the surface of most everything we’ve venture into and perhaps it’s time to have all of our listeners and friends begin to fine-tune the concept.  My challenge out there for everyone is to contact us.  Connect with Fishing Without Bait and give us your ideas.  Give us your thoughts and your choices about full-impact mindfulness, Fishing Without Bait, and conscious choice.  And, once again, please impact your life.  Impact your life and those of others through acts of kindness.  And, if you’re concerned about not catching any fish – that’s not what really life is all about.  Until then, Namasate.  

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