License to Live

Jim:    Excuse me.  License and registration please.  Have you ever heard those words and be filled with dread?  However, has anyone ever been pulled over in life and arrested for not having a license to live?  If you’re interested in getting a license to live, listen on.  If you would like to give yourself permission to be happy.  For those of you who have been followers of this podcast, these are perhaps unlike anything you’ve heard before.  If you’re looking for the run of the mill, the mantra saying stand back, take a look at your life, you’re in the wrong place.  This is a podcast about living life on purpose.  It’s about aiming rather than laser focusing.  It’s about being impactful in your life.  Identifying what’s important and walking through your life with eyes wide open.  If you’re ready to enter the laboratory and find the ingredients of serendipity, synchronicity and synergy, welcome aboard.  Let’s combine these ingredients and participate in full-impact mindfulness.  A life without definitive expectations.  Open the door.  Enter your life.  And, let us show you how to Fish Without Bait.  Today, as always, I’m joined by my good friend, co-host and producer of this program, Mr. Mike.  Mr. Mike, have you ever been stopped by the police?  Of course, that’s rather a loaded question.

Mike:    Yes, I have.  

Jim:    And, Mike, when you’re stopped by a police officer, what do they often ask you for?

Mike:    License and registration.

Jim:    Mm-hmm.  And, could you share with us what happens if you don’t have them.

Mike:    They get kind of upset about that.

Jim:    Not much of a sense of humor.

Mike:    Yeah, yeah.  I once didn’t have my license on me because I was taking a friend to school and I just kind of left in my PJs and completely did not have it.  Thankfully, he did have a little bit of a sense of humor as I was probably in my Ninja Turtle PJs of some sort, and let me go.

Jim:    So, let me ask you this, Mike, are people ever stopped – let’s say, on the street, in a classroom, at work, or in their home – and be cited for living without a license?

Mike:    No.

Jim:    No.  No.  That doesn’t happen.  So, Mike, what does a police officer wear as a sign of authority?

Mike:    The badge.

Jim:    Of course, a badge.  However, what does someone wear that shows them that they have a license to live?  And, what does this license give you?  When you participate in full-impact mindfulness and Fish Without Bait, it gives you a license – a permission to be happy.  And, once again, we’re talking about choices.  And, Mike, I ask you once more – does not having a driver’s license impede your ability to actually drive an automobile?  

Mike:    Absolutely not.

Jim:    That day that you were in your Ninja Turtle PJs, were you able to drive?

Mike:    Certainly.  

Jim:    Mm-hmm.  However, and in the same instance – I’m going to ask again, how many people go through their lives without a life operating license?  Our purpose today is to grant yourself a license.  So, Mike, how does a person go about getting – let’s say a driver’s license?

Mike:    There are tests.  There’s studying.  There’s  a practical test, a written test – until finally you get that piece of paper.  Well, now there’s proved practice.  I think you have to have so many training hours logged before you even get to take the test.

Jim:    Yes.  And, you can’t do it in less than 6 months.  And, of course, that requires study and practice.  And, that’s exactly what the purpose was we had in mind when we conceived these podcasts.  These podcasts are training manuals, a design for a living that can be followed.  However, there is no final test.  Mike, do you remember the first time that you drove solo?

Mike:    Oh yes.  Scary on the highway.  On the 4 lanes!

Jim:    Pretty frightening.  It can be frightening.  However, there’s no operating manual for life.  When you were born – at least I didn’t get one, perhaps you did.  So, I hear people out there now saying oh great guru, speak on.  So far all I’ve heard is a bunch of words.  Well, the first thing in order to get your license is to have a relationship – to start that with yourself.  Number one.  Mike, no one will respect you unless you respect yourself.  So, let’s take a little inventory of ourselves.  Let’s think of what you have to offer.  I challenge everyone out there to write a profile – as if you were putting yourself out on a dating site or selling yourself.  An advertisement for you.  I’m challenging everyone out there to put it down in writing what you have to offer and what you’re expecting.  What you’re expecting out of life, what you’re expecting out of your relationships.  Keep in mind that having self-respect and self-esteem – the more that you have the of yourself, the more chance that others will notice and respect you.  So, let’s keep in mind that rejection and judgment are universal.  Let’s learn how to live with it and understand that it’s much more important on how you view yourself than others view you.  And, people who don’t respect you – do they deserve to be in your world?  Tell me about yourself, Mike.

Mike:    No.  I kind of turn them off from my life.  

Jim:    So, the idea that somehow when we don’t have the relationship with yourself – when we have a little bit of low self-concept and self-esteem, we seek others’ approval.  And, the people who do not respect us, we spend an inordinate amount of time trying to prove ourselves to them, do we not?  

Mike:    Right.

Jim:    Once again, for your operating manual, you will have to find out what’s important.  And, again, I’m going to ask you if everything was stripped away from you – health, wealth, education – who would be standing with you at the end?  This is a question that needs to be asked and answered.  This is one of the first questions in our life license examination.  Identify them.  Name them.  These are the people you want to add to and reinforce in your life.  These are the people that are going to be operating with you.  These are the people that are going to be in your highway of life.  So, remember, there is a shade between indifference and choice.  Choice is when you have ceased expending energy on whether making something important that shouldn’t matter, or things that aren’t important and you’re trying to make them important.  How often do we do that?  This is where willpower comes in, and this is where full-impact mindfulness comes into play.  Understanding the difference.  Stepping back.  Becoming the observer behind this thinker, behind your life.  Apathy is just not feeling.  Apathy is estranging yourself and separating yourself from the world.  The difference is important.  Very important.  We develop confidence.  Confidence doesn’t have to be something that you scream.  Confidence doesn’t have to be having the most muscles.  Wearing muscle t-shirts.  Confident people have that inner satisfaction.  They do not need to dress or speak to impress.  Mike, have you ever heard that saying dress to impress?  

Mike:    Yes.

Jim:    What does that mean to you?

Mike:    It means have a good presentation for everybody.

Jim:    Sure.  So, how do you generally dress, Mike?

Mike:    Well, kind of however I want to.  And, even when I’m in something that is probably a little more of a fancier situation, I kind of cringe and fight that as much as I can.

Jim:    Mm-hmm.  Again, we’re leading into this attempting to avoid judgment.  We like to judge.  Think about that.  Everyone on earth has a right to be strange or weird or awkward or different.  As long as we’re not interfering with the life and happiness of another.  And, here’s our final thought for today.  Avoid doing anything with the expectation of a reward.  Only do it because you choose to do it.  If you choose to write a song, do it because you wanted to write a song.  What happens after you write it is insignificant.  You’ve already started out what you intended to do.  This is really the essence of Fishing Without Bait.  And, for those of you who can follow the above, write or call us.  And, we’ll send you a license for your life from the Academy of Fishing Without Bait, signed by our faculty at full-impact mindfulness.  Until then, as always, do a kindness for yourself and a kindness for another.  Namaste.  

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