Make Your Luck

Jim:    Hail, and kind thoughts to the followers of this podcast. And, to those intrepid souls who choose to continue, I welcome you.  I congratulate you on having an interesting in participating in your life – creating yourself rather than finding yourself.  Combining serendipity and synchronicity.  Making 1+1=3.  And, creating a reaction rather than waiting for one.  Let’s confront fear.  Let’s use it and expect the unexpected.  Follow the sound of my voice.  Dare to look for a white rabbit, and make a choice on which rabbit hole to go down .  Let’s create yourself rather than find yourself.  Meeting life head-on with full-impact mindfulness. And, if that interests you, perhaps you’re ready to live a life without definitive expectations.  Immersing yourself in life.  Allow me to help you Fish Without Bait and let the adventure continue.  Today in this moment, as always, I’m joined by my good friend, co-host, and producer of this program – Mr. Mike.  Mr. Mike, are you feeling lucky?

Mike:    Every day.  Every day these days.

Jim:    What does that mean to you?  What does lucky mean to you?

Mike:    Lucky means having fortune in your life.


Jim:    Do you believe luck exists, Mike? 

Mike:    I do.  I do.  But, I believe that you make your own luck.

Jim:    Have you ever looked willfully at somebody, or perhaps jealously and said gee, I’m never that lucky.

Mike:    Too often.  

Jim:    Do you know anyone in your life you consider lucky?

Mike:    Certainly.  The ones that everything appears to have worked out for them.  

Jim:    Okay.  Have you ever met anyone you consider to be unlucky?

Mike:    The people that I consider unlucky seem to always be, you know, kind of in trouble with things.  Always seem to be digging themselves out of a hole.

Jim:    Mike, I’m certain that everyone has heard that overused phrase you make your own luck.  Mike, isn’t rather wearisome to keep hearing people throwing clichéd statements at you that they’ve picked up from someone or somewhere else?

Mike:    Indeed.

Jim:    And, that’s the difference with full-impact mindfulness.  That’s the difference with Fishing Without Bait.  We show you how to do it.  And, in this episode, Mike, we’re going to show people how to make luck happen.  Mike, by now, most of our listeners understand that I love quotations.  And, a quotation that is most appropriate to this particular topic is by Seneca – who was a Roman statesman philosopher.  What he said was luck is when preparation meets opportunity.  Tell me – tell me what you think about that.

Mike:    That’s kind of what I look at luck as.  Again, the you make your own luck can be replaced with you make your own opportunity.  

Jim:    And, although I’ve seen this quotation attributed to many others – Oprah Winfrey among one of them.  Actually, Seneca quoted this thousands of years ago.  Luck is also a matter of perspective.  So, if you’re in an automobile accident and broke your leg, would you call that unlucky?

Mike:    Yeah.  It would seem so.

Jim:    However, another perspective is the fact that you’re alive.  Would that be called lucky?

Mike:    Indeed.  It’s kind of a glass half full situation.  

Jim:    And, Mike, when we talk about perspective, are we yet – once again, talking about choice?

Mike:    Of course.

Jim:    There are certain factors to being lucky, Mike.  And, again, it’s a matter of perspective.  Mike, nothing in life is concrete except perhaps that we will all some day cross over.  And, actually, I’m not certain about that, as I have not crossed over.

Mike:    You’re really gunning for that immortality, aren’t you?

Jim:    Timeless podcasts, Mike.  Timeless.  So, remember in our past podcasts when we talked about our good friend Nancy Fitzgerald saying that our free will is our last and most powerful gift.  Unlucky people wait for things to happen.  Lucky people make things happen.  Again, creating yourself rather than looking for yourself.  People who have self-confidence – when they have success they attribute it to themselves.  And, also, when they fail – they take ownership of that failure.  They take responsibility for it.  This certainly is empowering and goes a long way to developing self-concept, self-esteem, and self-worth.  Others when they succeed call it luck.  And, when they fail they blame themselves.  Taking credit for your successes is as important as drinking water and eating food.  It nourishes your psyche and nourishes your soul.  So, once again, where does full-impact mindfulness fit in?  And, how does this involve Fishing Without Bait?  Mike, it’s placing ourselves in situations to succeed.  I cannot stress that enough.  Making conscious choices in preparation to put yourself in a position to succeed.  Number one – gather people around you who you wish to be like.  Like-minded individuals.  People who are doing what you want to be doing, and you’ll find the energy, the karma, the vibes – whatever you want to call it, will rub off like ripples in a pond.  Mike, have you ever been around people who whine and complain consistently?

Mike:     Oh absolutely.

Jim:    What’s it like to be around them?

Mike:    Just so draining.

Jim:    And, soon, when you’re around people who whine and complain – what do you find yourself doing?

Mike:    Continuing to whine and complain along with them.

Jim:    Indeed.  It’s a nice whine and complain party.  And, again, referring back to 12-step recovery – we advise people to hang with the winners.  And, also perhaps you’ve heard the old saying again, if you lie down with dogs, you’ll end up getting fleas.  My challenge out there is for everyone to familiarize yourself with what you’re passionate about.  So, we’ve often talked about finding your joy and finding the passion in your life.  What’s important to you?  And, remembering that knowledge is power.  Practice.  Practice.  Practice again.  And, again, until it becomes repetitive.  Until it becomes muscle memory.  And, by using full-impact mindfulness – paying attention on purpose, you put in your mind visual images of what you want to do and imagine things going right.  Paying attention on purpose and developing that beginner’s mind that we spoke of in previous podcasts.  So tell me, Mike, if you go into the forest and your only intention is to look at birds – you’re a birdwatcher, and you don’t see any birds, would that be an unlucky day?  Would you call that a miserable day?

Mike:    Perhaps so, if you were so focused on that identity.

Jim:    So, Mike, when you have those blinders on your eyes.  When you’re looking for something specific and you don’t find it, perhaps you would consider yourself unlucky when we didn’t see the birds.  However, when we’re Fishing Without Bait – when we’re living a lifetime without definitive expectations – full-impact mindfulness is also having a beginner’s mind.  So, by turning certainties into possibilities do we see the beauty of the forest?  Do we hear the babbling of the brook?  Do we feel the breeze going through the trees?  Do we smell the flowers?  Do we see the deer frolicking?  Do we see the animals?  Do we revel in the silence?  Perhaps we’re with a friend, or a partner, a loved one.  Did you take the time to enjoy that moment?  To be right there, right now.  And, when you take that perspective, does it really matter whether you saw any birds or not?  

Mike:    No.  Absolutely not.  It matters the experience.  

Jim:    Lucky people participate in life.  Lucky people are extroverts.  Lucky people are kind.  Lucky people show courtesy and respect to every single person they meet.  My challenge out there is for everyone to create their life rather than waiting for it to happen.  It’s not going to happen, Mike, and those are blunt words.  Mike, I’m leaving everyone with this today – there is a song in your heart.  I’ll say that again – Mike, there’s a song in your heart.  There’s a song in everyone’s heart.  There’s a song in everyone’s heart that’s listening to this podcast.  My challenge to you is to not let that song be unsung.  How loud can you sing it?  Laugh out loud.  Participate in your life.  Be the song in your heart.  With full-impact mindfulness.  I’m leaving everyone now to go Fish Without Bait and sing my own song.  And, I’d love to hear yours.  Until the next time, be kind to yourself.  Be kind to another – and, good luck, Mike.  Namaste.  

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