My Beginning with Mindfulness

The following was written by a former student about her road into mindfulness: 

6 weeks ago I had absolutely no idea what mindfulness was, had never heard of it, and most definitely would not have been able to tell you how effective it was.  Yet here I am, 6 weeks later and able to tell you how a wise mind can work and most importantly how to live in the moment, Right Here and Right Now. 

I guess what my favorite part about starting my mindfulness journey was that I never really saw it coming.  Yes, I did go into the whole experience with an open mind, I just never figured it would take a hold in my life without me even trying.  That’s what I think I like most about it, that the skills and benefits of being mindful are able to just start happening if you let them. That without even realizing it, I am able to tel family members to live in the moment and stop worrying about 6 months down the road or look at situations with my wise mind to help resolve a family crisis.  

What’s even better is that when I started putting in true effort into becoming mindful, not that I would ever actually call it effort.  What I found is that when you realize what mindfulness can do and achieve, it starts to open up the world around you.  You start to better understand yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, and your life around you as well as others in your life and are able to start to make sense of it all.  It allows you to find what you need at that moment in your life, whether it be inner peace, strength, and happiness, or acceptance of change, or something less fun, however just as important, such as acceptance i sadness or loss, or understanding anger and fears. 

So in the end it is safe to say really my journey and adventure into mindfulness are just beginning.  I know I am a long way fro incorporating these skills into my life on a fully conscious basis; however it is something that I am continuing to look forward to do.  And hopefully as I am learning myself, I can teach others the benefit of mindfulness on the way!