Pop In

Jim:  Oh, did you just pop in?  If you’re interested in popping into your life, stay for a few minutes.  If you’re a bit lost in the desert of life looking for a road map, some guideposts, or perhaps you’re in the lead – this is a podcast for individuals who have an interest in participating in their life.  We’re interested in helping people create themselves rather than find themselves.  This is where we combine the ingredients of serendipity and synchronicity.  Do you think it’s impossible to make 3 out of 1+1?  If you think that’s impossible, prepare yourself.  Because I have some news.  If you’re looking to write history rather than relive it, create a reaction rather than wait for one, stick around.  We’re going to use fear.  We’re going to confront it and use it as our vehicle to expect the unexpected.  These are challenge podcasts.  I’m looking for people who have the honesty, open-mindedness, and a willingness to try – to develop conscious choice, to immerse yourself in your existence.  Let me show you full-impact mindfulness.  Follow the sound of my voice.  Look for the light right in front of you, and I’ll teach you how to Fish Without Bait.  As my friends, The Moody Blues, said in their album Seventh Sojourn “Open all the shutters on your windows.  Unlock all the locks on your doors.  Brush away the cobwebs from your daydreams.  No secrets come between us anymore.”  Today, as always, I’m joined  by my good friend, co-host, and producer of this program – Mr. Mike.  Mr. Mike, tell me – give me a reason why this cannot be the best day of your life, and I’ll wait for an answer.  

Mike:    I can’t really give you an answer to that.

Jim:    Then no excuses.  No excuses for you – or anyone out there.  So, the title of this podcast, Mike, is called “pop ins.”  Tell me, Mike, have you ever said to someone oh, I’ll just pop in?  

Mike:    Yeah, yeah.  A lot of events, you know we have a very busy schedule.  As most of us claim we have busy schedules I’m like oh, I’ll pop in for a minute.  I’ll pop in for a drink.  I’ll pop in to say hi.

Jim:    Sure.  And, most of the time that just means you’re going to stay for a moment.  Well, that’s what most people do in their lives.  They pop in occasionally – and only for a moment.  And, when we talk about the concept full-impact mindfulness, I’m hoping that our visitors will visit our webpage and see our new logo for full-impact mindfulness.  Mike, you got a chance to look at that.  How would you explain it to someone?

Mike:    I think it’s great.  For those who haven’t seen – it’s a butterfly.  And, it’s multi-colored, and it’s an explosion of colors – like an explosion of the light switch turning on with a lot of these ideas that we have here.

Jim:    Indeed.  It is an explosion of your life.  To me, it’s an evolution.  You start off at some point in your life, and hopefully evolve.  You spread your wings and your life becomes colorful, not black and white.  We’ve referred to this in the past from The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy lands in Oz her story is all in black and white – much like ours when we walk through our life with our eyes wide shut.  However, by participating in full-impact mindfulness, and in our lives Fishing Without Bait, we turn that black and white world and open that door, evolve from a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly.  Spreading our wings and fully participating in our lives.  Mike, I’m talking about being popped in all the time.  And, that my friends is the most simple explanation of full-impact mindfulness.  Well, you might be saying well, Jim, that’s all well and good.  You might as well be telling me how to learn Chinese physics without an instructor or a guidebook.  Well, these podcasts are your guidebook, and I along with other like-minded people can be your guide.  So, Mike, in keeping with our basic premise of being popped in all the time, let’s review our basic mantra.  Let’s say it all together: I’m right here, and it is right now.  And, what keeps us from that?  Again, I’m thinking of a quote by our friend Thomas Merton who said our minds are like crows.  They pick up everything that glitters no matter how uncomfortable our nests get with all that metal in them.  To be present and aware it’s necessary to unclutter our minds.  However, we’ll work on that. So, let’s take the first part: I am right here.  I think that by now, most people who listen to these podcasts – and I believe this is #51, know that answer by rote just like what is 1+1?  However, full-impact mindfulness means being right here and right now.  Let’s go over the basic premise and instructions of knowing where you’re at.  Sounds silly, doesn’t it? 

Mike:    It does.  But, the practice – back in the day, of what is 5+5?  What is 5x5?  It seems silly now, but that’s what builds that in your brain.

Jim:    So many people are lost in their lives, Mike – in emotional quicksand.  Caught in those Chinese finger traps of their thoughts and feelings.  So, the first way is to accurately describe where you’re at.  It’s not enough to say I’m at home.  We want to be able to have our eyes wide open rather than wide shut – to look in front of you and accurately describe what is right in front of you.  Who is there?  Describe them fully.  How tall they are.  What clothes they have on.  The color and texture of their clothes.  Describe everything that is in the room.  It might take a while.  However, the more you do it, the better you will get and the more descriptors you add to your vocabulary, the more descriptors and color you add to your life.  Describe the colors.  Describe the texture.  Describe the patterns.  Describe the world.  Describe the setting about you.  And, let’s turn to sounds.  What sounds are you hearing?  What is making them?  What do they sound like?  Who is making them? What is the temperature?  Can you feel it on your skin?  What are you thinking about right now?  Describe those thoughts.  Whatever your emotions at the moment?  Be accurately able to label and describe.  And, once again, if you have a desire or a need for a list of feeling words, please contact us.  And, when we’re able to accurately label and describe where we’re at, we’ll know right where we are.  Do you feel the floor?  Do you feel your feet connected?  Do you feel your skin?  Do you feel the clothes that you have on?  And, feel the texture?  I’m urging – asking you to be alive.  Next comes the other real question is what time is it?  I’ve asked thousands of people this question and the normal responses are to look at their wrist where they might be wearing something that tells made-up time.  They may look at a wall clock.  Or they may look at a computer screen.  Or they may look at their phone.  We’re so attached to time, but my question is is how much is time attached to us?  Does time care about us, Mike?

Mike:    Nope.  It just carries on.

Jim:    It does.  Indeed.  And, I’m going to ask people out there to help me understand the obsession that we have with time.  And, the obsession that we have with time is it returned?  Is it returned by time?  However, these are questions for another podcast.  So, those who are followers of this podcast and my own philosophy – again, we’ll answer by rote: It’s right now.  However, have you really considered that?  How do you know it’s right now?  We have to examine.  To become the observer.  And, ask is our mind our travel agent today?  Is it taking it on a trip?  Are we in the future?  Are we in the past?  So, right now, let’s do that time traveling exercise yet once again.  I’m asking everyone out there to close their eyes – and please don’t do this if you’re driving.  Hold up your left arm and let’s call that the past.  And, when we’re in the past we’re living in frustration.  We’re living in anger.  We’re living in self-remorse.  We’re living in self-pity.  We’re thinking about things I wish I would have done.  Thinking about things I wish I would not have done.  Thinking things I wish I would have said, or I wish I would not have said.  How often do we get stuck in that past and it becomes a tar pit?  And, we continually bring that pain of the past into the present.  Let’s hold up our right arm and let’s call that the future.  And, when we’re in the future we’re normally living in anxiety and worry.  And underlying all that is fear.  By working together – by full-impact mindfulness, by Fishing Without Bait, we can work together to turn that past into experience and wisdom.  Not only to help yourself, to help others.  And, we can turn that future into goals and ambitions by action and effort in the present.  It’s when we set definitive expectations, unrealistic expectations of ourselves we set ourselves up for disappointment, depression, and despair.  So, if everyone would put their hands in the middle of their chest, I’m going to ask them what organ of their body are their hands near.  And, of course, it’s their heart.  So, I’m going to ask everyone out there to live where their heart is.  And, is their heart beating in the past or the future?  No.  It can only beat right now.  Remember, we’re training ourselves to become observers.  Observers behind that dysregulated thinker – and become the observer self.  So, the observer self truly knows that it cannot be any other time but now.  And, when we fully conceptualize, when we fully understand it cannot be any other time but now, and we cannot be any other place but right here – we can remember a few of John Cabbot Zin’s books.  And, one of my favorites is Where Ever You Go There You Are.  And, another called Arriving at Your Own Front Door.  A glowingly simple concept.  However, how often are we simply lost?  Or traveling?  Two things to remember:  I am right here.  And, it is right now.  When we have these concepts down, our horizons are limitless and we can become that butterfly – expanding our wings, exploding with color, and living in your life.  You’ll have so much time and get so much accomplished out there that you can literally walk through life bursting with joy.  Please continue to follow these podcasts as we explore other areas such as the concepts of observations versus judgment.  The conceptualized self.  The process of self-awareness and finally becoming the observing self.  Until then, my challenge for everyone out there is to be right here and right now.  Do a kindness for yourself.  Do a kindness for another.  Namaste.  

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