Purposeful Impact

Jim:    Excuse me, I’m a stranger here – and this may sound strange, but could you tell me where I am?  Could you tell me what time it is?  I’m lost.  For those who have discovered this podcast – be lost no more.  And, I can give you the answers to those questions.  You’re right here.  And, it’s right now.  Should you be intrigued by this concept please listen on.  And, this is a podcast for individuals who have an interest in participating in their life.  I’m looking for people who want to create themselves rather than find themselves.  Come on, let’s go to our laboratory.  And, let’s combine serendipity with synchronicity.  And find out that we can make 1+1=3.  Rather than waiting for a reaction, let’s create one.  Let’s confront fear and use it to expect the unexpected.  These are challenge podcasts.  I’m daring people to look for white rabbits.  Have an open mind and choose and develop conscious choices about which direction your life can take, which rabbit hole to go down. If you’re ready to live a life without definitive expectations and immerse yourself in your existence with full-impact mindfulness, follow the sound of my voice and I’ll teach you to Fish Without Bait.  Raise the curtain.  Turn down the house lights.  And, let the show begin.  Today, as always, I’m joined by my good friend, co-host and producer of this program – Mr. Mike.  Mr. Mike, we’re beginning to focus on full-impact mindfulness as full participation in one’s life.  Have you ever had an experience such as all of a sudden you have a moment of clarity and bang you say to yourself oh my gosh, I’m alive?  When things get clear, when the blues get bluer, when the sounds are sharper and when the images are in focus and you actually feel completely alive.  

Mike:    Indeed.  I try to have that moment every day.

Jim:    Well, that’s the purpose of full-impact mindfulness.  And, in the past few episodes we’ve talked about being alive and the power of naming – making our own magic in our life.  Abracadabra.  Walking through our life with our eyes wide open and the ability to label and describe your surroundings.  So, my challenge question for everyone out there today – as we practice the things that we talk about in our podcast – participating in our life, what type of purpose are we preparing for?  For what purpose are we doing all this preparation?  Mike, would you exercise for a marathon and never run it?  

Mike:    No.  Because that was the goal.

Jim:    Would you read a cookbook and buy all the ingredients, buy all the spices and never cook?

Mike:    I would hope not.

Jim:    No.  Of course not.  Would you invest yourself in all this technology?  Would you take the time and the effort to learn about it, how to make it, and never even turn it on?

Mike:    Absolutely not.

Jim:    Of course.  So, this is the purpose of why participate in these podcasts, train and do all these things without a purpose for it.  Mike, I’m sure that you’ve been around people who complain – complain about the weather.  They complain about politics, the state of the country, the economy, how much gasoline costs, and how many rotten drivers out there.  So, we’ve heard all about those people.  So, how many of them actually do something about it, Mike?

Mike:    Sadly, none of them.  And, that’s always interesting because all they know to do is complain and not take action.

Jim:    It’s always – somebody else should take care of this, shouldn’t they?

Mike:    Yeah.  They should put a stop light there.

Jim:    Right.  Who is this they?

Mike:    They.  Them.  Those people.

Jim:    Those people.  Someone should be told about this. 

Mike:    Someone.  

Jim:    I’d like to meet these people.

Mike:    And, I don’t know who that someone is, so I’m telling you right now.

Jim:    It’s lots of fun, and it’s easier to blame others isn’t it?

Mike:    It does seem like complaining seems to be a good old pastime sometimes.  

Jim:    So these podcasts are preparing us to – once we’re in our life fully, and to pull ourselves out of that phase where we grind through our life – to be in a position where we’ve allowed ourselves to be controlled by our own thoughts and by the perception of others and to truly live in the moment.  Mike, are there people who’ve made a difference in your life?

Mike:    Oh, absolutely.  

Jim:    Tell me about some of these people.  Tell me about the impact they’ve made.

Mike:    I just actually had one the other day that I reconnected with – a fellow that kind of opened the door to doing some of the things I wanted to do.  In this case, being a musician.  I played trombone in band in high school and watched my friends onstage and shot video.  And, I always wanted to be the one onstage doing that – singing, performing, right?  And, he showed me kind of the way to do that – at least initially.  And, we worked on some great projects around music.  And, he really informed like oh hey, this is something you can do, and gave me a lot of opportunity.  That turns into, in some elements, what we’re doing here today here in this studio.

Jim:    It sounds like he really impacted your life.

Mike:    He did.  Absolutely.

Jim:    So, what is impact?  We impact every single person that we meet and see.  We impact the air as we move through it, do we not?  We impact when we drive.  If you remember in a previous podcast where we talked about the butterfly effect, where the wind from a butterfly’s wings can affect the weather in Australia.  So, what are other people’s perceptions of us really depends on what our impressions of ourselves and what our perspective of ourselves is.  So, one of the purposes of this and previous podcasts was to empower yourself.  Mike, in order to carry and give a message, we have to have one, do we not?

Mike:    Exactly.

Jim:    So, if this person wanted to inspire you about doing this particular type of thing – in this case playing in a band.  If this person would have talked to you and encouraged you to form a band, and he had never been in one himself or performed, would that have had much impact on you?

Mike:    No.  Not as much.  Because it wouldn’t have had as much weight and experience behind it.  

Jim:    And, again, what we’re helping people to do is create their own self – to create a self-perception.  To create themselves.  And, as in previous podcasts, that magic word – abracadabra.  Mike, let me ask you – have you been with people who have instantly made you feel better?  People who have made you feel safe?  People who – with them you felt heard?

Mike:    Absolutely.

Jim:    How did it make you feel being around these folks?

Mike:    It’s empowering.

Jim:    Sure.  And, likewise, when you go into a meeting one of the things we have to ask ourselves are we going there looking to see what we can get out of it or look to see what we can add to it?  With full-impact mindfulness, what we’re doing is seeing not only what can we get from life, is what can we add to it?  What can we add to life?  That’s certainly another challenge.  So, when you attend a meeting, when you’re out in public, when you go anywhere, when you’re up in your living room, does your presence make or allow others to feel comfortable?

Mike:    Typically not.  I just am – until I start having an opportunity to engage with somebody I guess.

Jim:    Mm-hmm.  This is where the mindfulness comes in.  This is where the full-impact mindfulness comes in.  Be completely aware of your surroundings.  To have those colors be brighter.  To have those images be sharper. To have those sounds be clearer.  To have those emotions that people are expressing more felt by you – more easily recognized.  And, at the end of every podcast, we ask people to be kind to themselves and do a kindness for another, do we not?

Mike:    Right.

Jim:    Mike, what would you call doing a kindness for another?

Mike:    Oh.  It’s just as simple as holding a door for somebody.

Jim:    Sure.  It doesn’t mean that you have to work 80 hours a week in a soup kitchen, does it?

Mike:    No.  It’s taking those moments.  Be aware that there is somebody behind you to stop and hold the door for you.  It’s that little bit. And, that little bit can go a long way.  Maybe that’s something that somebody needs that day, right?  

Jim:    Sure.  Mike, is it easier to do a kindness for a friend or a stranger?

Mike:    Typically a friend.

Jim:    Sure.  So, Mike, to bring joy into someone else’s life one must have joy in their own.  So, in order to help another to be grateful we have to be grateful ourselves.  In our previous podcasts we’ve spoken about the recipes and the magic to create joy in your life.  Remember, what we speak we create.  And, also, to fit ourselves to succeed.  We spoke about our luck episode, did we not?  Fitting ourselves up to succeed.  Mike, if you were asked today to give an accounting of your life, what type of grade would you give yourself?  Who would you judge yourself against?

Mike:    Geesh.  Where’s the comparison?  If I judge myself against somebody maybe it’ll be somebody that I idolize – whether it’s a large-scale person that a lot of people are keeping an eye on.  Or is it somebody that I look to as an example of what I want to aspire to be that’s even on a local level – somebody I’m an acquaintance with that I just think is doing so much better than me.  And, then I think a lot of people do that and say well, I’m not like that person I see on TV.  And, you always end up giving yourself the “F.”

Jim:    So, what you’re talking about is artificial personalities that are made up by the media – and unfortunately, that’s what people judge themselves against.

Mike:    And, maybe not even artificial personalities like that but just your perception of how somebody is.  

Jim:    And, that is where full-impact mindfulness comes into – where we’re talking about walking through life with your eyes wide open and keeping a perspective of this person in relationship to yourself.

Mike:    Yeah.  For example, I often will look to somebody that I meet in person and say that person has a business.  They’re doing this and this.  Oh, they have everything all together, right?  And, you don’t know what it’s like to be on the other side of that, right?  What you see can make being a professional or being a skilled person, or being somebody on the radio or TV seem easy.  But, it’s still work that you don’t see underneath all of that.  And, I think that person probably, maybe looks to you and thinks the same thing the opposite way.

Jim:    Of course.  So, in our previous podcasts we’re hoping that everyone is in the process of creating themselves – who they are.  To take an inventory of your gifts, talents, and abilities as we previously discussed.  We’ve learned about ourselves.  We’ve identified our inner critic.  We’ve learned that full-impact mindfulness means walking through life and not from it.  And, our next adventure is to share those gifts.  Mike, this is our 48th podcast.  And, if one has incorporated even a bit of what we’ve talked about in their lives, then they have developed a storehouse of energy and a storehouse of power.  How greedy and selfish would we be if we didn’t share that with others?  A word of kindness rather than advice?  A hug rather than a shove?  Understanding rather than judgment?  And, taking another’s perspective.  Mike, I know few rewards greater than seeing the light come on in someone’s eyes.  In fact, I have nothing to compare it to.  This is a matter we intend to pursue in future podcasts.  My challenge for you today is that if you’re asked by the Maker I gave you gifts, talents, and abilities, what did you do with them? Through full-impact mindfulness.  Through Fishing Without Bait you’re going to have an answer.  You are right where you are.  And, it is right now.  Be present.  Do a kindness for another.  Do a kindness for yourself.  Namaste.  

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