Jim:    Never, never, never, ever, never, ever, ever will I do that again.  I promise.  I’ll never ever do that again.  How many of you have set an absolutely firm conviction every day, or multiple times a day that you’re never going to do something again or that you’re going to start doing something else?  If you’re looking to create a life rather than find one, if you’re looking to chase white rabbits down the rabbit hole to expect the unexpected, then buckle your seatbelt.  These are challenge podcasts for challenging people, people who want to challenge life.  If you want to buy a ticket climb on board and buckle your seatbelt.  We’ll help you Fish Without Bait and fully impact your life.  Today as always I’m joined by my good friend, co-host, and producer of this program – Mr. Mike.  Mr. Mike, so good to see you again.

Mike:    So good to see you, too.  And, we are on location in your office, as well.

Jim:    Everyone has to be somewhere.  So, although in clock time it’s a few days before the start of the New Year.  However, according to our method of timekeeping, could you share with everybody what real time it is, Mike?

Mike:    It’s right here.  And, it’s right now.

Jim:    Right here and right now.  So, tell me, Mike, what does the end of the year and the beginning of another mean to you?

Mike:    For some, we see it as a reset button.  We see it as a reason to start something new or improve on ourselves.

Jim:    To recall a podcast that you and I did on resetting, having a reset button.

Mike:    Fuzzy memories, but yeah.  That seems kind of familiar.

Jim:    Mike, what are some of the resolutions you’ve made in the past?

Mike:    To eat better.  To be better organized.  To be more efficient with things.  

Jim:    However, most people have unrealistic ones.  Let’s say, to lose 50 pounds.  Save a million dollars.  Climb Mt. Everest.  Speak Mandarin.  Stop being stressed.  Stop drinking alcohol.  Quit smoking.  Or, perhaps go back to school.  And, Mike, the issue with resolutions is that we are attempting to force a result.  We are attempting to force circumstances to be in line with our goals.  Mike, we often talk about which side of the horse we’re looking at – whether we’re looking at a smiling face of a horse, or the other end.  So, we often deal with perspective.  And, we often use a horse – to look at the smiling face of a horse or the other end.  Well, with resolutions, what we’re trying to do is move the horse rather than move ourselves.  And, one of the fundamental principles of Fishing Without Bait is to avoid setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves or attempting to live up to the unrealistic expectations of others.  So, Mike, I truly believe that most people misinterpret our concept, our life concept of Fishing Without Bait.  I believe that some have the conception that we advocate having no goals or ambitions and just wander aimlessly through life.  However, that is not true.  Fishing Without Bait is a lifestyle concept.  It’s a design for living to be accompanied by our full-impact mindfulness.  So, Mike, what do you think the definition of intention is?

Mike:    I think it means to have a very specific goal.

Jim:    You’re right.  An intention is a goal, a plan, an idea.  It’s created in your thoughts. It’s a vision of something that you see occurring.  And, for those who may be interested in this concept, you may want to refer to a previous podcast where we dealt with constructive daydreaming.  Intentions avoid the self-defeating words, Mike – I need to.   I must.  I have to.  I should.  And, I can’t.  And, are not these the words that are associated with resolutions, Mike?  So, referring back to our old friend abracadabra, what I speak, I create.  There’s a quote by our friend Lisa Hays who said be careful how you are talking to yourself because you are listening.  And, again, we talk about the power of self-elevation, the power of the observer self speaking to the dysregulated thinker.  And, for those who are interested, perhaps you could refer back to a previous podcast on addressing the inner critic.  And, what are some of the starters for intentions?  What matters most to you?  Referring back to a previous podcast where we help people determine what was most important in their life, what would you like to let go of?  Mike, what would you like to let go of?

Mike:    As we talk about often here, I always want to let go of fear and doubt, but in the long run I want to let go of the things that are holding me back.

Jim:    The things that are holding you back, and again, that’s the importance of labeling and identifying and describing.  And, again referring back to a previous podcast where we did magic math.  If you remember, addition by subtraction.  Who would you like to forgive in your life?  What fears do you have you would like to address?  And, most certainly, what are you grateful for?  So, how do we set intentions?  And, remember, intentions are the fuel which drive full-impact mindfulness.  Quiet and center your mind.  Use your breath to center yourself and frame in your mind the intention.  Use your voice.  Speak the words out loud.  Be an audio book for your life.  Speak your intentions.  Hold it.  Hold the intention in your mind, and then laugh out loud.  Smile.  Envision it.  And, repeat as necessary, placing an emotion – attach it to that intention will make it that much more powerful.  So remember, your life is a result of the choices you make.  If you don’t like your life, it’s time to start making better choices.  And, referring to making choices, Mike, we often refer to that as having a super power – do we not?  So, again, in setting intentions you ask what is it worth to you?  What is your motivation in setting an intention?  Understand your motivation.  Are you doing this for yourself or someone else?  Set your goals and intentions clearly.  Put them on paper.  Make an action plan.  And, taking action toward the goals could be difficult for some.  And, you could again refer back to another lesson we had on dealing with procrastination – taking different perspectives on setbacks and bumps in the road, and viewing them as learning experiences.  Being appreciative of small successes.  Validating yourself and being good to yourself and rewarding oneself.  I have a friend whose favorite quote is little by little.  And, indeed, little by little a lot is done.  And, again, although the timing of this podcast is set perhaps intentionally at the end of a calendar year – on clock time – it is our purpose to make it clear that resolutions, especially unrealistic expectations of ourselves or others, can only lead to disappointment and perhaps failure.  Whereas Fishing Without Bait, having that beginner’s mind and taking in the wonders and joys in front of you and truly experiencing life, that’s the essence of full-impact mindfulness.  To experience life as non-judgmentally as we possibly can.  I challenge everyone out there.  There are 365 calendar days.  Clock days.  And, you can create yourself every single day.  What’s really exciting when you get up tomorrow morning, give me a reason why this cannot be the best day of your life.  Refer back to the mantra – I’m clean and sober all the time.  My thoughts are strong and clear.  And, I’m confident in the decisions I make.  As we close out this podcast for those who have been following, we’re offering up a license to live which we only grant through this program.  If we’re willing to create a new life, if you’re willing to give yourself permission to live – listen at the end of this podcast and there will be contact information where you can send a request and we’ll send you out that certificate.  We’ll send you out your own License to Live.  And, as always – fruits, nuts, and vegetables.  Unplug your television and take up fishing.  And, for a truly mindful experience, try Fishing Without Bait.  Treat each other with courtesy and respect.  Do a kindness for yourself and a kindness for another.  Forgive another and forgive yourself.  Smiles cost nothing.  Be right here.  And, be right now.  Namaste.  

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