Super Ball

Jim:    Greetings, and welcome to our continuing saga of Fishing Without Bait – a lifetime without definitive expectations.  My hope is that when you fell down the rabbit hole to land here it wasn’t too bumpy a ride or too rough a landing.  And, my hope is that once you’ve arrived you’ll stay for a bit and join us on our continuing adventure in discovering yourself and what I like to refer to as the concept of full-impact mindfulness.  As always, I’m joined by my good friend, co-host, and producer of this podcast – Mr. Mike.  Well, Mr. Mike, we happen to be in the same space yet again.

Mike:    Yet again.  Wonderful to have you here in the studio discussing Fishing Without Bait and mindfulness, and full-impact mindfulness once again.

Jim:    Absolutely.  Tell me, after producing and reviewing the previous podcasts, I’ll ask you the question I normally ask everyone every day.  Tell me how good it is to be you.

Mike:    It’s good.  It’s great.  It’s amazing the experiences.  And, I’m appreciating more and more the experiences that I have the opportunity to take part in and the people that help me with those experiences that get to go along for the ride with me.  

Jim:    Great.  Mike, I don’t think we’ve really explored or given a proper definition to full-impact mindfulness.  However, before we go any further I’d like to hear your thoughts on full-impact mindfulness and what it means to you in relation to what our message is in Fishing Without Bait.

Mike:    I think it very much means that very consciously looking and appreciating the life around you and the positivity that is around you – the details of your life.  Not obsessing over those but just appreciating those.

Jim:    Indeed.  Kind of like getting fully submersed diving into the deep end of the pool.

Mike:    Right.

Jim:    I was thinking that perhaps this concept could be conceptualized as the harder you throw the ball the higher it bounces.  Again, Mike, and I always like to bounce things off you – when you hear that statement, what does it mean for you?

Mike:    It means throw yourself – in my mind I’m the ball and I’m throwing myself at the wall as hard as I can into an idea.  I’ve often been told that I go full in if I decide I want to do something.  And, with that big impact that I make in those ventures – and those tend to, I guess, bounce the highest.

Jim:    Indeed.  I want to put a disclaimer out there.  We’re going to explain this a little more fully.  So, is it to throw yourself recklessly into life?  Does it mean to react rather than respond?  

Mike:    No.  When I say I throw myself into it, not that I’m doing it recklessly – not that I’m not assessing things going into a project or an adventure.  I like to call them adventures, these things that I do – whether they’re work, or fun, or play, or whatever.  The idea that when I make a decision, and that educated decision, it’s all in.

Jim:    Indeed.  When I think of reacting rather than responding and dismissing the risks of danger I consider – I’m sure that you’ve heard of the famous order that was issued by Admiral David Farragut during the Battle of Mobile Bay when he said damn the torpedos.  Full speed ahead.  You’ve heard of that one?

Mike:    I have.

Jim:    Damned torpedos.  Full speed ahead.  So, Mike – unlike Admiral David Farragut, although we’re going full speed ahead – and this of course is where full-impact comes in – however, there are three words in full-impact.  The last word being…

Mike:    Mindfulness.

Jim:    Correct.  That is right.  That’s where the mindfulness comes into play.  Being present and aware.  Paying attention on purpose and taking a wise mind approach.  Choosing if and what rabbit hole to jump down.  I’m not talking about being foolhardy or fearless, Mike.  Have you ever met anyone who was truly fearless, or thought they were fearless?

Mike:    Yeah, I have.  You know, the people that just seem like they don’t take no for an answer. 

Jim:    Mm-hmm.  So, my own thoughts are that only the truly insane or the truly intellectually challenged are fearless.  When I think of fearless I think of action heroes on the screen.  And, they can be fearless.  And, as though the character on the screen may suffer and/or die, the actor goes home at the end of the day – do they not?

Mike:    Right.  And, they live in a world where the fear doesn’t exist.  I don’t know if you’ve seen The Last Action Hero movie where you enter that world of the movie and the rules are different in life, and that’s why they behave the way they do.

Jim:    Indeed.  Certainly.  For example, Mike – let’s take a police officer or a fireman.  If they were fearless on their jobs, disregarding danger and not paying attention, how long would they last?

Mike:    Probably not last the first running into the burning building – and you’re done.

Jim:    Absolutely.  So, when we’re talking about full-impact mindfulness, I kind of go back to what a policeman does and what a fireman does.  Mike, have you ever tried to learn a foreign language?

Mike:    I have.  A year and a half of unsuccessful French.

Jim:    So, if you only knew a few words would you be able to express yourself to a native speaker?

Mike:    Only if we’re talking about cheese.

Jim:    Would you be able to have a request fulfilled?

Mike:    To get cheese.  

Jim:    It’d be awfully frustrating, would it not?

Mike:    Yes.  Yes, I would be eating a lot of cheese as I am in France.  

Jim:    And, the same thing applies when we have an insufficient vocabulary or descriptors to label and describe our thoughts, feelings, environments, and actions of other people.  Hence, the importance of knowing yourself and more importantly liking that person.  So, Mike, let’s get back to the ball being thrown hard and bouncing high.  Would a bowling ball bounce, Mike?  Perhaps a bit – not very high.

Mike:    Not as much as that bouncy ball.

Jim:    And lands with a…

Mike:    Thud.  

Jim:    Is a bowling ball flexible, Mike?

Mike:    Not by my human hands, no.  

Jim:    What’s a bowling ball’s purpose?  What is it meant to do?

Mike:    To strike.  To hit.  To knock things down.

Jim:    So, do we want to go through life knocking down everything in front of us?  Or do we want to be flexible and fluid?

Mike:    Right.

Jim:    Do we want to be adaptable and willing to adapt to change?  I’m certain you’ve met people who are referred to as blockhead, stupid, and pig-headed.  Not very flattering, is it?

Mike:    No.

Jim:    Not very flattering descriptors.  So, let’s go to the opposite extreme, Mike.  If you fill a balloon with air what will it do?  And, of course that depends on what you fill it with – helium, air.  So, tell me about that.

Mike:    So, it expands out.  It becomes stretched out as it expands.

Jim:    And, if you fill a balloon with helium what will it do?

Mike:    It floats away.

Jim:    It will float away.  If you fill it with air, and you can bounce a balloon around, can’t you?  If it’s filled with air?

Mike:    It’s almost weightless. 

Jim:    However, it is subject to the whims of the wind and the air, is it not?

Mike:    Right.

Jim:    So, Mike, when you were younger – or perhaps now – have you ever thrown a balloon that was filled with water?

Mike:    Oh, I have.

Jim:    And, what happens after you throw it?

Mike:    Kersplash – or sometimes bounce if it’s not accurately thrown.

Jim:    It splatters.  It explodes.  And, that’s the end of it, is it not?

Mike:    In a grand display of wetness.  

Jim:    So, you’re filled.  However, the filling that’s inside you only lasts once.  

Mike:    Right.

Jim:    Mike, of all the balls you’ve thrown, which one bounced the highest?  Let’s examine the quality of the balls.

Mike:    It’ll be the one made of the most bouncy material, the most resistive material.  

Jim:    And, they call these – they used to call them…

Mike:    Super balls.

Jim:    Super balls.  Right.  Inside of these super balls, there’s a lot of energy.  

Mike:    And, usually in such a small package in comparison to the other examples that we’ve talked about.

Jim:    Mm-hmm.  So when we talk about these balls – these objects, let’s talk a little physics, a little science.  Please, I don’t want anybody to fade off into the atmosphere or with their eyes glazed over.  This is going to be very brief.  What is kinetic energy?  It’s the energy of a mass in motion traveling through life.  Kinetic energy is the energy an object has because it has motion.  Kinetic energy can be stored – hence the mindfulness practice.  However, in the natural world it is said that energy cannot be created or destroyed – it can only be converted.  There is such a thing as potential energy.  As, even when one is at rest and not doing any work, it still has potential.  Does it not?  The ball has potential to bounce.  Does it not?  Take a coiled spring.  It can be released and all that energy doing.  However, here’s where we go down the rabbit hole, Mike.  Here’s where we get into the land of Fishing Without Bait.  Bouncing the ball through life without definitive expectations.  This is the joy of life that I’m talking about.  It’s about learning the rules so we properly know how to break them, as our good friend the Dalai Lama so effectively says.  In some future podcasts, Mike, we’re going to learn about the energy.  What type of ball we have.  And, indeed is it a choice or not.  So what I’d like to leave with everyone today is again, I’d like to do the time is currency and choices – having a choice.  Again, I’d like everyone out there to pick their favorite color in the moment.  I’d like everyone out there to pick a shape that means something to them right now – a symbol, a picture, the shape of a diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, topaz, a square, a triangle, a circle, a flag, a cross.  And, what I’d like to do is think of the color – let’s imagine a blue star.  Now, these blue stars are not Crayola crayon colors.  They’re magnificent and they’re shimmering and shining.  They’re like a metal fleck car shining in the sun.  And, they’re vibrant and shimmering.  They’re the most exquisite and unique objects in the universe as there’s only yours.  What I’d like you to consider is when you do anything in life I’d like you to think of spending that time as currency.  Be mindful about how you’re spending the time.  Be mindful about going down the rabbit hole.  Be mindful about bouncing that ball.  And, I’ll guarantee you that that potential energy inside you will grow and grow and grow.  And, you’ll be able to really make that ball bounce.  What do we discuss next?  I believe the path we’re going to take next, Mike, is – there’s a quote by Garth Nix and in his first fantasy novel Sabriel. And, he says does the walker choose the path or the path the walker?  Until then, it’s so nice to be with everyone.  It’s so great.  I’m so glad we’re tuning into a lifetime without definitive expectations and full-impact mindfulness.  Until then, Namaste.  Be good to yourself, and be good to another.  

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