Who’s Driving the Bus

Jim:     Are you a driver, or are you a rider?  Do you want to drive the bus or be a passenger?  If you’re satisfied with being a passenger then perhaps you may want to stop listening now.  No worries.  No concerns.  It’s certainly okay to go along for the ride.  However, for those who are perhaps a bit more familiar with these podcasts you may understand that we help people create a reaction rather than waiting for one.  We don’t live by scripts or have definitive recipes.  This is an experimental kitchen.  And, sometimes the cake won’t turn out exactly the way we’d like it to.  However, we help those turn the past into experience and wisdom.  And, until we invent time travel it only goes in one direction.  I’m looking for people who aren’t afraid to get lost or pursue white rabbits.  This is a podcast where we take the ingredients of synchronicity and serendipity and combine it with honesty, open-mindedness, and a willingness to try to live a life without definitive expectations.  We help people define themselves rather than find themselves.  We’re looking for people who want to make splash plays in their life rather than sit on the bench.  Come with us.  Emerge from your chrysalis.  Become that butterfly.  Go from black and white to your transcendent self and spread your wings and fly with us as we continue to explore full-impact mindfulness.  Today as always I’m joined by my good friend, co-host, and producer of this program, Mr. Mike.  Mr. Mike, have you ever ridden a bus?

Mike:    Oh, absolutely.  

Jim:    And, of course, did you pick any bus stop – hoping it got you where you’d want to go?

Mike:    No.

Jim:    No.  Of course not.  So, tell me, Mike, if you had wanted to go to the zoo would you pick a bus that was heading to a sporting event?

Mike:    Absolutely not.

Jim:    No.  And, Mike, do you decide who’s on the bus with you?  

Mike:    Nope.  It’s the luck of the draw there.

Jim:    So, although riding the bus and being a passenger is perhaps easier and cheaper than driving yourself you truly have limited choices, do you not?

Mike:    Exactly.

Jim:    So, let’s refer to a previous podcast where we help people get a license to live.  And, once again, we’re saying that of course this isn’t literally a license to drive.  It’s a license to be happy, and a license to give yourself permission to have choices.  So, referring back to the beginning of the podcast, I asked people whether they wanted to be a driver or a passenger.  So, if you decided you want to participate and fully impact your life, you’re taking a course to get your license to live.  So, for driving this bus – let’s call this bus our life.  And, Mike, what do buses pick up?

Mike:    Passengers.

Jim:    Yes, yes.  They pick up passengers.  And, just like real bus drivers, we also have passengers on our life bus also.  Let me ask you again – I’m just full of questions today.  Do the passengers pick the route, the direction?  Or does the driver?

Mike:    The driver does.  You’re really kind of putting things in his or her hands.

Jim:    Well, yes.  The driver.  Unless we allow those passengers to hijack the bus – in effect hijacking our life.  

Mike:    Just like the movie Speed.

Jim:    I would suspect that you’ve been on public transportation, in vehicles or airplanes, where you weren’t particularly happy or feeling safe with some of these other passengers.  Would that be correct?

Mike:    Oh yeah.  There’s been some weird ones.  

Jim:    And, as a fellow passenger, did you really have any control?

Mike:    Not really.  Other than to get off the bus.

Jim:    Sure.  And, who’s the only person who had real authority on that bus?

Mike:    The driver, once again.

Jim:    Of course it’s the driver.  So, let’s get back to the title of this podcast, Mike.  Who’s driving the bus?  Is it you, the listener?  Or, is it the passengers?  Some of the passengers we’re happy to have on our bus, are we not?  So, Mike, look at some of the passengers on your life bus you would be happy to have.  Talk about some.  Talk about some passengers on your life bus you would be happy to have.

Mike:    I always got a kick out of, you know – if I was waiting for the bus, or people that got on, that were from the neighborhood and had a lot of stories to share.  Being kind of a transplant myself, people that wanted to share.

Jim:    So, you’re talking about interesting friendly people?

Mike:    Oh, absolutely.

Jim:    Okay, great.  Let’s talk about some unwelcome passengers.  Let’s remember, Mike, when we’re dealing with full-impact mindfulness we’re confronting these unruly passengers – these perceptions, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we really don’t know how they got on the bus in the first place.  Mike, with full-impact mindfulness there’s no more avoidance.  There’s no more pretending that it’s not there.  And, there’s no more putting our head in the sand and hoping it goes away.  Remember, we’re talking about creating reactions rather than waiting for some to come.  Gee, I hope the bus driver comes back and settles this person down.  Gee, I hope the bus driver puts this person off the bus.  And, sometimes, we try to put a best face on an undesirable thought, feeling, emotion, or experience.  You can dress a pig up in a $1,000.00 suit.  However, does that make it any less of a pig, Mike?

Mike:    Nope.

Jim:    And remembering, again, that time only goes in one direction – how often do we try to go back into the past to eliminate those painful memories?  So, let’s talk about our mantra, Mike.  Where are you at?  And, what time is it?

Mike:    I’m right here.  And, it’s right now.  

Jim:    Yes.  We are right here.  And, it is right now.  Before driving, cane we throw an unruly passenger off?  No.  Of course not.  Sometimes we have to stop the bus and slow it down much like we do our life.  Sometimes we want to make people just move to the back of the bus.  Move those thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and experiences to the back of our minds.  Mike, if you spray perfume over a cesspool will it make it any more sweeter?

Mike:    No.  It just mixes and makes it worse.

Jim:    If you remember how we ended our last podcast, we often deal with these unruly passengers on our life bus through drugs, alcohol, some mind-altering or mind-numbing people, place, thing, circumstances, and event.  In order to deal with these unruly passengers we first have to be clean and sober all the time.  Have our thoughts be strong and clear.  And, be confident in the decisions we make.  And, of course, having the ability to label and describe these particularly unruly, unwanted passengers that we choose to get off the bus is incredibly important.  And, this is uncomfortable, Mike.  This is uncomfortable.  And, this is where we often talk about using fear as a vehicle and not as an avoidance.  And, remember, some of them have been riding the bus with us for so long they got on the bus before we did.  Mike, when you’re picking a bus out, what usually lets you know where it’s going?

Mike:    The marker and the number.

Jim:    There’s a destination sign in front – on the front of the bus, is there not?

Mike:    Exactly.

Jim:    Sure.  Mike, what’s the destination sign on your bus say?

Mike:    The road to fun.

Jim:    The road to fun.  Cool.  In the following podcasts what we’re going to talk about is having values.  And, Mike, values are life directions.  So, we’re going to be talking about life directions and making choices.  We’re going to talk about the difference between direction and choice.  What we talked about today – to realize that we are the driver of our life.  However, we do have passengers on our bus.  So, Mike, let’s gas up and go.  We’re going to deal with our unruly passengers in our next podcasts.  Until then, please review our previous podcasts.  Get that license for your life.  Get on that bus.  Let’s start to drive.  And, do a kindness for yourself, and a kindness for another.  And, please forgive someone today.  Namaste.  

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