Wrestling With Yourself

Jim:    Greetings and welcome seekers, attenders, and convinced members of our audience for this podcast.  For whatever reason you’ve landed, hatched, appeared, or awoken in this universe – a universe of a lifetime without definitive expectations.  A universe of Fishing Without Bait.  So, come with me.  Follow the sound of my voice.  And, I’ll teach you to fish without bait.  And, so the adventure begins.  And, today – as always, I’m joined by my good friend, co-host, and producer – Mr. Mike.  So, Mr. Mike, in the last few episodes we’ve discussed many, many different types of topics, such as going down the rabbit hole, windows and mirrors, what type of a ball are you in your life.  Many seemingly different, unrelated topics, did we not?

Mike:    Thematically, a little bit all over the place.  But, these all pour into one common thread.

Jim:    Absolutely.  Also, we’ve coined a new phrase – what we call full-impact mindfulness.  And, for those who this may be their introductory podcast to us, we might want to clarify our terms.  Define these definitions.  But, Mike, I’d like to hear from you first.  Let me hear your thoughts on full-impact mindfulness.  When you hear that term.

Mike:    Fully taking in your surroundings, the events around you.  Just everything in your life – everything that truly matters in your life.

Jim:    And, that really follows into my next quote, and you know how much I love quotes.  That really means something.  So, I’d liken our concept to a quote by George Bernard Shaw who says that life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life’s about creating yourself.  Can I have your thoughts on that?  Not finding yourself – creating yourself.

Mike:    It’s not a point of discovery.  It’s a point of discovering who you can be.

Jim:    For sure.  So, Mike, most philosophy courses are about who I am, what am I, what is my life about, why am I here, I need to find myself.  How many people in your life have you known that have left a job, left a relationship, left college to “go find myself?”  Have you met people like that?  

Mike:    Certainly.  The people that think the answer is out there.  But, really, it should be how do I feel about the things around me and what I’m doing.

Jim:    Sure.  So, Mike, this full-impact mindfulness is as our friend George Bernard Shaw says, it’s about creating yourself.  Full-impact mindfulness is about participating in your life, being there, paying attention on purpose and creating yourself.  I think that’s incredibly exciting.  Mike, I understand that we have some fans out there – some followers in the wrestling world, some performers, some athletes.  So, tell me a little bit about that.

Mike:    I’ve been getting a lot of reactions from people.  Of course, sometimes we record around when we do the wrestling podcast.  So, they’ve been getting into it.  I’ve had pro wrestlers – in person (because that’s part of my work is working around that and at the shows) and they’ve been really interested in it.

Jim:    So, what’s wrestling about, Mike?  Would it be called controlled chaos?  Staged chaos?  Absurdity?

Mike:    Certainly.  For those – the uninitiated.  Pro wrestling.  You can think of sort of a stage show meets a sporting event, right?  There’s colorful characters.  There’s – not so much choreography as in just a little bit of planning that goes into things.  But, then also a lot of reaction to the audience, right?  Call it predetermined. You can call it whatever you want to.  But, in the end, it’s entertainment.  It’s entertaining.  And, it’s very physical.  And, it’s very impressive the things that these guys can do.  I certainly can’t do a lot of those things.  Even just last night we recorded something.  I’m watching these guys, and I’m just like – no matter what, even whether they’re the tinier guys or the bigger muscled guys, I’m like – you know, they bring something that I can’t do.  And, they’re very entertaining at it.  

Jim:    Although sometimes things may be scripted, they rarely if ever follow that script, do they?

Mike:    Exactly.  Because you never know how the crowd is going to react. And, then you have to react to that reaction.

Jim:    So, full-impact mindfulness – what we’ve discussed, it’s not about seeking order.  It’s about finding yourself.  And, indeed it’s about creating yourself.  There’s another particular quote by an individual by the name of Henry Adams who said that chaos is the law of nature.  And, that order is the dream of man.  Chaos is the law of nature.  And, that’s what I would call a wrestling match.  It’s chaos.  And, that’s a natural event, is it not?

Mike:    Exactly.

Jim:    Man insists on seeking order on everything, do they not?  We want to make everything orderly.  And, when it doesn’t we get upset.  And, again, I’m going to refer back to our 12-step world that says when I am upset or disturbed it’s because I find some person, place, thing or situation – some event in my life, unacceptable to me.  Mike, and again we keep referring back to our choices.  And, do we sit back and complain?  Do we sit back and wish and hope things would get better?  Or wait for something to happen?  We’ve certainly discussed that, have we not?

Mike:    Exactly.

Jim:    So, referring back to our wrestling friends.  In the ring – if they’re waiting for something to happen that’s going to be a pretty boring match.

Mike:    They look a little goofy waiting for the punch to come, the suplex to come,  and not enacting anything and not making action.  

Jim:    Waiting for a crowd reaction?  Or are you going to create it yourself?  Are you going to make that happen?

Mike:    Why aren’t you cheering me?  Why aren’t you cheering me?  Well, do something worth cheering for.

Jim:    So, Mike, as we’ve stated in the past, you’re the person that you’ve been waiting for – and no one else.  And, again, if you’re waiting for the right time – it will never come.  If you’re waiting to I’ll start full-impact mindfulness tomorrow, it’s never come.  So keep in mind – let’s again throw that disclaimer out.  It’s not about reacting rather than responding.  It’s not jumping foolhardily into situations without having your eyes wide open.  And, this is where the mindfulness aspect of this comes in – having your eyes wide open.  Paying attention on purpose.  Seeing what is right in front of you.  And, Mike, have the willingness and the courage to go down that rabbit hole.  So when you’re talking about the wrestling world, and you’re talking about that type of environment.  There’s many people that think that’s ridiculous.  Do they not?

Mike:    Oh absolutely.  But, that’s kind of the appeal as far as I’m concerned.

Jim:    And, isn’t there also people who mock or make fun of people who are interested in that particular sport?  And, that type of entertainment?

Mike:    Certainly.

Jim:    They maybe view them as uneducated or perhaps stupid or – what are you wasting your time.  So, what do you say to folks like that?

Mike:    I say, as the wrestlers – if they’re finding fulfillment in it, then they’re in the right place.  And, as far as the crowd, if they can get into it and they get a fulfillment out of it, then they’re in the right place.

Jim:    I love the way that the wrestlers create things.  I love the way that they create themselves.  In the wrestling world, aren’t they constantly recreating themselves?

Mike:    Certainly.  And, they often say that the best characters are just whatever they are – turned way up.

Jim:    And, when they get stale – when that character gets stale, do they create themselves?

Mike:    They do.

Jim:    So, how many people walk through life continuing to be stale?

Mike:    Right.  Well, this worked for me back in the day.  You could think of the person that was the classic football player – championship football player in high school that still, 30 years later, that championship football player in high school – they never adapted.  They just did that and thought they were done.

Jim:    So, thinking back to the old TV show Married with Children.  Al Bundy is in his late 40s and still talking about scoring 4 touchdowns in 1 game.

Mike:    Exactly.  And, then that’s it.  And, then everything else – you’re a shoe salesman.  Nothing against any shoe salesman that might be out there.  But, if your glory days are then, and you’re not all-in on being a shoe salesman – you can be a great shoe salesman and find joy in that.  And, find joy in the social aspect of that, right?

Jim:    So, when we talk about the mindfulness, we talk about paying attention – that means when your life is stale and rather than just sit and wait for it to become unstale these are challenge podcasts.  These are challenging you to have a full-impact in your life and to recreate yourself.  And, this is what we’re helping people do.  And, again, I’m just full of quotes today.  And, we’re talking about a quote by GK Chesterton.  And, he said that in a world where everything is ridiculous nothing can be ridiculed because you cannot unmask a mask.  Really, nothing is ridiculous, and nothing can be ridiculed.  And, again, Mike, let’s go back to a quote by our good friend the Dalai Lama.  And, we shared one of his quotes on our most recent podcast, that says one must know the roles so one can properly break them.  And, I noticed when we talked about that the last time you had a big smile on your face.  Say more about that.

Mike:    Yeah.  Because, I really like the idea of – you know, growing up it’s always, hey I’m supposed to grow up, get married, have 2.5 kids and have a job and do this, this, and this.  And I love the idea that being able to defy people that say well you can’t do that.  And, it’s like well, yeah, I can.   Because I think I can and I know enough of myself and my ability that I can. Or, let’s try it.  Let’s not be afraid of failure.  When my friend gives me an interesting project and says hey, let’s go to Thailand.  It was like that scares the crap of out of me – let’s do it.  The rule should be like, no, you should stay home where it’s safe and do a regular job.  And, do whatnot.  Reaching outside of the rules and outside of what you’re supposed to do is where I think – for me, I find the most fulfilling aspects of life.

Jim:    So, Mike, do we have to live by what definitions of words are?  Do we have to live by what someone says the definition of being an absurdist is?  Or what chaos is?  Or any of those other things?  When we find definitions – remember, we’re trying to create our life.  So, when we begin not to have that definitive definitions of our life.  Fishing Without Bait.  Not having those definitions, then when we’re making up – when we do the full-impact mindfulness.  And, again, we made that term up – did we not?
Mike:    Exactly.  Hey, somebody made up most of the interesting words that we’ve used.  Some of it may be in Roman times.  Some of it may be in other times.  Some of it may be French.  But, somebody came up with it and said this is a good word that describes what’s happening here.  And, this is exactly what you’ve done here.  Somebody made up the word Macarena – so now it’s a dance that we all know and love or hate.

Jim:    Again, I’m going to challenge everyone out there – we put full-impact mindfulness into our dictionary, into our lexicon.  I give everyone permission out there to go ahead and feel free to define it as you will.  So, Mike, in our following podcasts what we’re going to do is we’ve often talked about being the observer behind this thinker, right?  So, what we’re going to do – we’re going to be the observer behind this, however, we’re going to take the view that life is absurd as our philosopher Albert Camus.  And, when we look at life as being absurd doesn’t that – it puts a smile on your face, does it not?  So, when we truly believe that life is absurd it opens up so many possibilities.  So many impact-mindfulness.  So many ways that we can create our life.  And, in our next episode we’re going to be discussing that very same thing.  So, until then, Namaste.  Everyone be good to yourself and be good to another.   

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