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Episode 207: Catching up with Mindflow

Jim Ellermeyer is joined by Jason Marcieski of Mindflow Meditation to talk about his journey here with his rare muscular disorder, going back to meditation in his life, the realization of living in “the swirl”, Apeiron meditation, and some of the philosophies that helped him in his life.

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Episode 175: Making Changes with John Rodin

Jim Eellermeyer is joined by professional wrestler John Rodin to talk about turning his experiences into inspiration for others, how he came to the realization to change things, how unrecognizable his former self is, setting goals in professional wrestling becoming a trap, changing your perspective, and one of the biggest leap of faiths in his pro wrestling career.

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See John Rodin’s chat with Producer Mike on Indy Mayhem Show going deeper into his pro wrestling career and the changes there.

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