Episode 72: Password
and Describing   Refer to our previous Podcast: Episode 47: Tell Me Your Name Subscribe to our Podcast “identity theft” from your inner critic. Also refer to : Addition by Subtraction (Magic Words) Labeling
What We Leave Behind
pay attention on purpose, and point out again the importance of labeling and describing, and the
Lucid Dreams
about the importance of labeling and describing. And, keeping in mind the effect a mood has upon during the day. Participating in your life during the day. Accurately labeling and describing what was
Finders Keepers
, when I speak of that, I talk about labeling and describing. And, I don’t mean occasionally. I mean
Refocusing Rather Than Letting Go
mindfulness, Mike, by labeling and describing our current experience. Where we’re at, what we’re doing
Introduction to Suffering
physical form, and step back and look at it, and embrace it and understand it, we often talk about labeling and describing during these podcasts, do we not? Mike: Right. Jim: Being able to label and
Super Hero Team Ups
talk about labeling and describing – a number of episodes we did a podcast which could be explored based on that – knowing the true name of something gives you power over it. Jim: And, also when we
Code Breakers
breaking comes in when you start labeling and describing. You’re starting to break down that code
Spa Day
labeling and describing. We’ve thought about developing that inner-self of you and making friends
, please refer back to previous podcasts on labeling, identifying, and describing. Your assignment until
, that’s the importance of labeling and identifying and describing. And, again referring back to a
Core Values
importance of labeling and describing thoughts and feelings so we have some type of control over them – so
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